What is a Sober Companion?

Recovery is challenging and trying to stay sober alone makes it even harder. Without support and a solid network of people, it can be incredibly difficult to remain sober. A sober companion can offer you that extra support and companionship that you need to stay sober long-term. Sober companions can accompany you home and remove some of the fear associated with recovery, particularly after leaving treatment. This blog will explain what a sober companion is, what to expect from a sober companion, and if a sober companion is right for you.

What is a Sober Companion

Simply put, a sober companion is a person who goes home with you and helps you transition back into normal life. They provide both emotional and physical support throughout your recovery journey. Often, sober companions are in recovery themselves and can offer you support from someone who has been through similar challenges. A sober companion’s job is to help you readjust to being home, working, and socializing. Sober companions provide you with unconditional companionship, talking you through cravings, and are actively involved in your recovery.

Trust is essential in the success of client-sober companion relationships. To be able to effectively support you, the sober companion will need to earn your trust and the trust of those closest to you. Furthermore, some of the tasks performed by the sober companion can make you feel like your privacy is being violated, such as checking your home for substances. This is why trust between the client and the sober companion is essential and an understanding that what the sober companion is doing is for the wellbeing of the client and not an intrusion.

Moreover, one of the main roles of sober companions is to prevent relapse. This may mean searching your home for drugs or alcohol, accompanying you to social events, preventing you from purchasing drugs and/or alcohol, and taking you to meetings. Different sober companions offer different services and levels of support, however, this is generally what the role of a sober companion is.

What to Expect From a Sober Companion?

Sober companions are sometimes compared to sponsors as they are often in recovery themselves and have learned how to traverse the challenges present in recovery. That being said, a sober companion does much more than a sponsor as they are paid to ensure your sobriety. A good sober companion will:

  • Remove drugs and alcohol from your home
  • Watch over you during recovery for behaviors that seem off
  • Encourage you to take advantage of healthy habits and coping mechanisms learned in treatment
  • Actively prevent you from relapsing
  • Monitor who you hang out with/are friends with
  • Help you bond and reconnect with family and loved ones
  • Help you transition back into regular life by regaining confidence in yourself, your social skills, and your sobriety

Sober companions can act as facilitators in mending friendships and relationships that were damaged due to your use. They can help guide you through the complex emotions that come up when you return home and try to get back in the good graces of those you wronged prior to treatment. 

Is a Sober Companion Right for Me?

In some cases, a therapist or professional helping you with your recovery may suggest hiring a sober companion. If this is not the case but you still think you require additional support, maybe a sober companion is for you. If you are struggling to stay sober due to triggers and underlying emotions, a sober companion can help you stay on the right path. Sober companions can assist you in both adjustings to your regular life (if you recently left treatment) and develop coping mechanisms to deal with cravings and triggers.

Moreover, if you are returning to an environment in which someone who lives with you is using, a live-in sober companion may be a good idea. This way you have someone physically there to prevent you from using and also someone who can support you emotionally. The added protection of a sober companion can help you feel comfortable enough to address underlying issues that may be motivating your addiction. It can be difficult to fully deal with the issues that are prompting your use if you are constantly triggered. Sober companions can help you avoid and cope with triggers so you can focus on healing internally to stay sober long-term.

Stay Sober at Design for Recovery

If you are not interested in a sober companion but require more support to stay sober, Design for Recovery may be for you. Design for Recovery offers a structured, safe environment to become more secure in your sobriety. Residents work hard daily to develop new skills, values, and coping mechanisms for approaching life in early recovery. At Design for Recovery, we believe that addiction recovery involves more than just physically abstaining from substances — it involves building a new way of life. With the help of Design for Recovery’s sober living services, you can begin to develop the necessary skills to cope with triggers and stay sober long-term.

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