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We believe that Design for Recovery is more than just a sober living home - we’re a community.

Design for Recovery – Sober Living West home is located in Playa Del Rey. A structured sober living for men, we provide a safe, supportive, and comfortable home base for young men to get involved in the recovery community. At our Playa Del Rey property, young men at any stage of their recovery journey can strengthen their tools for living and begin growing as individuals.

Our house in Playa Del Rey is a home base for clients, where they can enjoy modern amenities and comfortable accommodations. Meanwhile, our recovery services allow them to take an active role in their personal growth. Staff members and house managers guide young men as they take tangible steps forward. But the real growth happens when residents support one another.

Our Home

Design for Recovery’s Playa Del Rey sober living house provides young men with a chance to live together and work on building new lives. This spacious home was built in 2007, and it is notable for its eye catching architectural style. At 4,500 square feet, it can accommodate many residents comfortably. The home features all modern amenities, providing sober living clients with the best in luxury living.

Many of the property’s bedrooms feature walk-in closets, distressed hardwood flooring, and even balconies. Bedrooms for residents also come with private bathrooms, which are notable for their granite counters and multiple showerheads.

The living room is where residents spend the majority of their time. At Design for Recovery – Sober Living West, we use this room to relax and hold house meetings. The living room has its own skylight and fireplace. More importantly, an entertainment system featuring a high-end television and surround sound allows residents to enjoy recreational time. Built-in bookshelves also give residents the opportunity to educate themselves. At the end, a sliding glass door opens up to a yard and patio, where our clients can work out or simply blow off steam.

Residents at Design for Recovery – Sober Living West cook their own meals in our kitchen. Designed for gourmet cooking, our kitchen has cutting edge appliances, granite counters, a center island, and a walk-in pantry that is sure to appeal to any budding chefs. It also features an eating area with a bay window, providing clients with a peaceful alcove where they can dine.

In our Playa Del Rey sober living, residents can live far more comfortably than they did during active addiction. Our goal is to give residents space where they feel safe and secure so that they can put 100% of their focus on recovery. While luxurious, our home is not a vacation spot: it’s an environment where residents work daily on personal growth, skill acquisition, and character building.

One of the ways residents at our sober living build character is by taking responsibility for the upkeep of the home. Daily chores, cleaning duties, and other tasks help young men understand that the joys of living in such a home depend upon their level of effort. While few people jump for joy at the prospect of mopping floors or dusting counters, we believe that taking charge of their living environment gives young men a sense of pride. Recovery takes work, but the efforts pay off.

Services Offered

Residents at Design for Recovery – Sober Living West have the opportunity to pursue recovery in a structured environment and supportive community. At our Playa Del Rey property, we emphasize principled living as the primary ingredient of recovery. Our goal is to assist residents as they heal the wreckage of their past and take positive steps toward the future. To that end, the house managers and staff provide a variety of services:

At Design for Recovery, we believe that long term recovery depends upon working with other people. Individual willpower is rarely sufficient to combat a substance use disorder, but connecting with other young men who share the same experiences can be a powerful tool. In our community of like-minded young men, residents can take advantage of one-on-one mentoring opportunities. They can freely discuss their problems and experiences without a fear of being misunderstood. Residents who are in early sobriety benefit from the strength and hope of those who have been there longer, and more long term residents can strengthen their recovery by taking on leadership roles.

Addiction is a family disease that affects far more than the individual engaging in substance abuse. In almost all cases, family members, romantic partners, and close friends are negatively affected by the behavior of their addicted loved one. At Design for Recovery, we believe that recovering from drug or alcohol addiction involves addressing the needs of the whole family. In many cases, this means helping families resolve patterns of conflict of miscommunication. We encourage family members to take an active role in the recovery of their loved one.

At Design for Recovery, we do not offer clinical treatment, which means we do not prescribe medications. However, many of our clients are prescribed medications by outside physicians and psychiatrists. It is common for individuals with addiction to suffer from comorbid physical or mental health conditions. In fact, half of all people with substance use disorders suffer from a mental illness as well. At Design for Recovery, we recognize that getting help for these conditions is crucial to long term addiction recovery. However, in early recovery it is often difficult for individuals to manage their medication intake. Our staff members manage residents’ medication schedules, giving them one less thing to worry about.

Few people can boast of having exciting, fulfilling, or even secure careers during active addiction. Part of recovering from addiction involves building a solid future for oneself. Young men in our Playa Del Rey sober living home work to secure jobs for themselves during their residency. They also take active steps toward figuring out long term careers for themselves that mean more than just living paycheck to paycheck. Developing meaningful new employment plans can mean starting in a new field entirely -- or even enrolling in an academic program and going back to school as an adult.

Young men frequently suffer from financial problems during active addiction. The expenses associated with substance addiction go well beyond the immediate costs of drugs and alcohol. Intoxication can lead to risky spending decisions. Addiction-related health problems can be expensive as well. Getting fired from work can cause people to take on debts, engage in criminal activities, and other risky means of obtaining funds. Financial insecurity is often a major factor behind relapses. During recovery, young men at Design for Recovery learn new ways of managing their money so that they can achieve financial independence.

A New Way of Life

At Design for Recovery – Sober Living West, it is our goal to provide structure and accountability for young men so that they can begin gaining the gifts of sobriety. Few people get sober just so that they can return to their old ways of living. Even when substances are removed, many people still struggle to find work, communicate with others, and take care of themselves. The structure of Design for Recovery’s sober living home is designed to assist residents in developing new habits and skills for the future.

This process takes time. Fortunately, Design for Recovery’s sober living San Diego house allows residents to stay as long as they need. We do not believe the process of recovery can be completed overnight. Many of our residents stay for a year or more, gradually becoming more independent with each passing month. No matter where you’re starting, you belong here. As long as an individual abides by the rules and is committed to progress, they are welcome at Design for Recovery – Sober Living West.


As a sober living home, Design for Recovery – Sober Living West does not require residents to have their own means of transportation. Clients live on-site at our Playa Del Rey location. This central location in West Los Angeles provides easy access to a variety of recovery resources, fun activities, and support groups. For families and loved ones who want to plan a visit or an outing, rest assured that Design for Recovery is just around the bend.

It is natural that many of our residents have needs outside the house. These can include doctor’s visits, counseling sessions, court hearings, and even visits to outpatient treatment centers. Should a resident need transportation to any of these, Design for Recovery – Sober Living West aims to make arrangements. Our staff, long-term residents, and even alumni are all able to provide supervised transportation to any necessary appointments.

Residents at Design for Recovery also attend daily 12-step program meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are available throughout the Playa Del Rey area at all hours of the day. We provide and arrange transportation for our clients so that they can get to these meetings on a daily basis.

Structured Living

Design for Recovery is not just a sober living. It is a structured sober living home, a unique class of sober living houses that aims to provide additional scheduling, resources, and support. At a structured sober living home, residents not only have the opportunity to live in a safe, trigger-free environment — they get hands-on assistance as they build their lives back up.

Residents follow a set schedule each day, with regular wake-up times, meals, and group activities. Many of these activities revolve around developing recovery skills, life skills, and fostering an increased sense of community. House meetings provide sober living clients with opportunities to address conflicts and issues while learning healthy new communication styles.

At Design for Recovery, clients it is our goal to help clients to develop a new set of values. By strengthening their character, clients can begin to lead new sober lives that they can be proud of. The principles of living that Design for Recovery emphasizes include accountability, responsibility, honesty, and integrity. These principles apply to sobriety, but they extend to all aspects of everyday life. Showing up to work on time, making one’s bed, and even responding to texts on time can make minute but important differences in the quality of a sober young man’s life.

Sober Fun in Playa Del Rey

Design for Recovery’s sober living house in Playa Del Rey is centrally located, ensuring that each resident has easy access to recovery resources they need. These include outside specialists and professionals, support groups, and 12-step meetings. Playa Del Rey’s central location in West Los Angeles also makes it easy for family members and loved ones to visit residents.

Living in Playa Del Rey during recovery is also simply an enjoyable experience. Our neighborhood is a safe, primarily residential beachside community. Playa Del Rey is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, Playa Vista to the northeast, Westchester to the east, El Segundo to the south, and Marina del Rey to the north. It is only a short drive away from Los Angeles International Airport. Recovering from addiction in Playa Del Rey not only provides residents with access to recovery resources, but to the whole of Los Angeles’ Westside.

Playa Del Rey is notable for a wide variety of attractions and fun activities. While “sober fun” might sound impossible to someone who is newly sober, the reality is that it is actually quite easy. The key is to have a strong set of sober tools and good relationships with other sober young men. Having a strong recovery program in place can make sober fun far more enjoyable than intoxicated fun ever was.

To blow off steam, our residents regularly go on group outings and take part in recreational activities. Our property is located near multiple local parks, grocery stores, shopping centers, and the beach. Other popular destinations in Playa Del Rey include:

The famed Santa Monica Pier is home to rides, arcade games, and restaurants -- all overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

West Los Angeles is home to LACMA, the Getty Center, and the Getty Villa, all world class museums with magnificent permanent art collections as well as seasonal exhibits. Stop by on one of their free days!

Playa Del Rey is only a short drive away from Venice Beach. This famous beachside boardwalk contains quirky shops, street performers, and a thriving skate culture. Enjoy some food, buy some knicknacks, and take in the sights. If you have the time, stop by the Venice Canals Walkways.

If you want healthy and organic produce, stop by adjacent Marina Del Rey to check out what local farmers are selling every week.

Playa Del Rey’s central location in West LA puts it not only in close proximity to the beach, but to Downtown LA. Downtown LA has recently been revitalized, and it offers much more than bars and nightlife! Check out their regular Art Walk, take a ride on Angel’s Flight, read a book in The Last Bookstore, or have some dinner in one of Grand Central Market’s delicious restaurants.

A Sense of Community

Design for Recovery – Sober Living West is a structured sober living home for men located in Playa Del Rey. Design for Recovery helps young men achieve recovery by offering a safe and trigger-free environment where individuals can excel. Our structured program is firmly rooted in the 12-steps, and we emphasize strong principles, including integrity, accountability, responsibility, and service. Residents at Design for Recovery – Sober Living West work to stay sober one day at a time while rebuilding their lives.

Residents benefit first and foremost by developing a strong sober community. Addiction is often referred to as a “disease of loneliness.” At our sober living house, we believe that fostering connections with other people is the best way to combat this disease. In fact, studies on sober living have repeatedly shown that the peer support people obtain in sober living homes can reduce their likelihood of relapsing even years after graduation. Residents support each other on their recovery journey. Moreover, the friendships they cultivate at Design for Recovery tend to last far into the future — providing not just recovery, but joy, fun, and fulfillment.

At Design for Recovery, we recognize that recovering from addiction involves far more than just physical sobriety. It means developing a new way of life — or design for living. Residents address underlying issues, including mental health conditions and family conflicts. Meanwhile, they work to build new futures for themselves, which can mean new careers or returning to school.

In our Playa Del Rey sober living home, residents not only work to stay sober. They become deeply involved in the larger recovery community in the area. With time, our clients become leaders and role models. At Design for Recovery, a social support system is not only an effective bulwark against relapse, but a foundation for the joyous life ahead.

If you are ready to make a change, reach out to Design for Recovery today.

We are here to support you every step of the way.

Strength in Sobriety

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