How Long Can You Stay In A Sober Living House?

How Long Can You Stay In A Sober Living House? cover

While most people think of sober living houses as short-term housing, there are actually many benefits to staying in a sober house long term. Sober living houses help recovering addicts lead productive, healthy lives while they work on their sobriety and rebuild their lives. However, the question remains: How long can you stay in a sober living house? Sober living houses have distinct features that make them perfect for those who are trying to get back on track after an addiction. These homes typically have regular drug testing, support group sessions, and other activities to support recovery from addiction. However, it’s not easy to just pack up your things and move into a sober house. There are rules about how long you can stay in one and what requirements you need to meet before moving into one—and it varies from place to place.

How Long Can You Stay In A Sober Living House?

The amount of time you can stay in a sober living house largely depends on two things: how long you’ve been clean and sober, and how well you follow the rules of the house. In most sober living houses, new residents are required to stay in the house for a minimum of 30 days.

This is because it takes at least 30 days for the brain to physically adjust to staying sober. That’s because the brain has receptors that respond to chemicals like drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. Once you stop using these substances, these receptors are left unoccupied—leaving you without the buzz or numbness you might have become dependent on. This means that if you leave the house after only a few days, you are likely to experience the same cravings and discomfort you felt when you were still using. This makes it much harder to stay clean and sober.

Aside from helping people leave behind physical withdrawal, sober livings encourage long term stays because the point of a sober living is to help residents build new lives for themselves. Learning new skills, building relationships, and finding new paths forward into the future is a process that takes time. So while rehabs often encourage people to leave as soon as possible, sober livings often prefer that residents stay longer.

Who Should You Stay in Sober Living for a Full Year?

If you have a long road to recovery ahead of you, a sober living house might be the best place for you to stay. But how long do you need to stay inside one before moving on? How long does it take before your body and mind are ready for that next step? How long can you stay in a sober living house while still achieving all its benefits? These questions may seem easy, but the answer isn’t always obvious.

A sober living house is an assisted living residence where recovering addicts reside as they continue their journey towards sobriety. People who live in a Sober Living House generally do so for anywhere from 90 days up to a year or more. The length of time someone can remain in this type of housing will depend on several factors including:

  • The strength of your social support system back home
  • Your need for new social skills and conflict resolution skills
  • How well you take care of yourself and engage in self-care
  • Your education and career prospects
  • Your history with relapse

For people who are starting from zero after years of destructive substance abuse, taking advantage of a sober living home for a full year might be a very good idea.

How Long is the Average Stay in a Sober Living House?

The length of stay varies depending on the house. For example, some houses may ask you to stay 6 months while others may ask you to stay a year. The best way to figure out how long you can stay in a sober living house is to ask the staff at the house what their expectations are. While each house has its own specific rules, you can generally assume that the longer you stay in a sober living, the more likely it is you will succeed with your sobriety. This is because spending time in a sober living reduces the risk of relapse.

With each passing day, you may feel more and more comfortable in the house. As you get to know the other residents, gain the trust of the staff, and participate in the activities of the house, you will start to feel like this is your home. In turn, you will have more confidence in your ability to stay clean and sober and be more able to avoid relapse. Because it takes time for your brain to get used to staying sober, you will have more time to adjust if you stay in the same place for a longer amount of time.

Why Stay In A Sober Living House Long Term?

If you are considering staying in a sober living house long term, you may be wondering why. Some people simply want to make sure they have a safe and trusted place to stay while they work on their sobriety. Others may want to stay in a sober living house so they can fully commit to their recovery and avoid disruptions. Either way, there are many benefits to staying in a sober living house long term. First, staying in a sober living house long term helps you avoid relapse. Part of avoiding relapse is having a supportive environment where you feel comfortable and accepted. This can be difficult to find in other housing options. In a sober living house, you’ll be surrounded by people who understand what you are going through and who have likely gone through something similar themselves. This can make you feel more comfortable and accepted, and reduce the risk of relapse.

Secondly, sober livings are about far more than just quitting drugs and alcohol. They’re about learning to live fulfilling lives in recovery. This process takes time. By taking a year to engage in this process, you are more likely to develop the life you want for yourself.

Requirements To Stay Long Term In A Sober Living House

Sober living houses are a great way to transition from an addiction treatment center back into the real world and keep your sobriety. These houses provide people with sober company, community support, and a safe place to continue learning how to live in recovery and not relapse. Although most people stay somewhere like this for 6 months to a year after rehab, it is possible to extend that period of time if you find the right sober living home. However, in order to do so you must be prepared to follow the rules.

The best way to stay in a sober living house long term is to make sure you have the basic requirements met. You will have to be clean and sober when you move in, and you’ll have to be able to pay the rent each month. If you plan to stay long term, you should apply as soon as you know that you want to stay in the house. If you plan to stay long term, you should also make sure that you get along with the rest of the residents in the house. You will have to go to regular meetings such as support groups and possibly even 12-step meetings. Finally, you will also have to pass regular drug tests to make sure that you are staying clean.

Is it Good to Go to a sober Living After Rehab?

All in all, the best place for you to go after rehab is wherever you feel most comfortable and safe. In most cases, people who are leaving rehab don’t have great lives to return to. They may not have a safe living situation or many non-addict friends. They may not even have a job. Sober living homes can smooth out the transition from rehab to the outside world.

Moreover, when residents finally do choose to leave their sober living home, they get a lot of support in the process. Sober livings make sure that their graduates have jobs, a support system, safe and comfortable housing, and a plan for the future. Many graduates stay in touch with their sober living for many years afterwards, in both formal and informal alumni meetings.

Addiction Recovery at Sober Living West in Los Angeles, CA

Sober living houses are a great place to start a long-term recovery. They provide a safe and structured environment where you can work on your addiction issues as well as your day-to-day life skills. With support from staff and peers, you can make real progress towards your goals of sobriety.

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