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Design for Recovery is a sober living home that provides young men with a supportive, safe, and trigger-free environment. Our community, recovery services, and structured program help them recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

Sober Living in Playa del Rey, CA

Community, Support, and Structure in a Safe and Trigger-Free Environment

It's my home. My family. I love the people here. They are teaching me a better way to live and I owe them my life for it.


Design for Recovery is widely rated as the top sober living house in Southern California.

Playa del Rey is the perfect place to start your recovery journey. This small beach town in Los Angeles has a strong recovery community, plentiful employment opportunities, and is known for its hospitable climate and endless beaches.

At Design for Recovery – Sober Living West, we welcome young men suffering from substance use disorders of all kinds, from alcohol addiction to prescription drug addiction. In our sober living home, they work to develop recovery tools and build sustainable new lives in sobriety.

Design for Recovery offers mentorship, a supportive community, and a comfortable environment where men can start taking concrete steps toward fulfilling and happy lives free of substance addiction.

I know from my son’s experiences in the right sober living house that it can and will turn your life around. Design For Recovery is just that. It gives you the tools to help an addict get sober and stay that way.


Recovery Services at Design for Recovery’s Sober Living Facility

It is our belief at Design for Recovery physical abstinence is not enough to recover from substance use disorder. In our sober living home, residents work to develop an entirely new way of life. Building a fulfilling and meaningful new life is not only a strong foundation for long term sobriety, but it is the greatest gift that sobriety can offer.

To help men achieve this, our house managers and staff provide guidance and support so that they can develop the values and skills they need to succeed in all their endeavors. Our clients are serious about the recovery process, and about helping their housemates succeed as well. While they pursue recovery, residents at our sober living facility also make progress in every aspect of their lives, from their relationships to their careers.

Our Playa del Rey sober living home is also conveniently located near public parks, the beach, recovery meetings, support groups, public transit, restaurants, and numerous employment opportunities.

Sober Living Playa del Rey

Our sober living home provides support that is comprehensive and compassionate. It is our goal to improve the lives of not only our clients, but their family members and loved ones. To that end, Design for Recovery offers a wide range of recovery services, including:

Find Joy in Sobriety

Find Fulfillment and Fun in Sobriety

Design for Recovery works to help men relearn the joys of day to day life without the need for mind-altering substances. By relying on each other, residents at our sober living home learn that there is plenty of joy and fun to be had in sobriety.

Housemates develop strong friendships within the home, but they also meet countless others in Playa del Rey’s diverse recovery community. Clients engage in a number of activities, including sports and exercise, meditation, community service activities, hiking, and surfing. This helps them develop healthier values and attitudes, including accountability and honesty.

Meanwhile, with the help of their recovery community, residents at our sober living home discover that there is far more laughter and joy in sobriety than they ever experienced while intoxicated.


Why Playa del Rey

Playa del Rey has countless benefits for people who are at any stage of their recovery journey. Playa del Rey is centrally located in the South Bay region of the city of Los Angeles.

Residents find it easy to access all of the amenities and cultural attractions of Los Angeles, but they are also a short walking distance from natural wonders, including the Pacific Ocean and hikable mountains. Residents can enjoy an active lifestyle and get in touch with the natural world while pursuing recovery.

During the recovery process, it is crucial to learn new habits and routines. Playa del Rey offers endless opportunities to go for bike rides, sunbathe or surf at the beach, hike on trails, and explore museums, concerts, and other cultural events. During your time at Design for Recovery’s sober living house, you will find your life becoming more fulfilling by the day.

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Paying for Sober Living

Call us to discuss our flexible payment options.

Our staff understand that after years of active addiction, many people have limited financial means at their disposal. For those who require support, it is our goal to make paying for your sober living as easy as possible. Reach out today to discuss your options!

Sober Living Homes in Playa del Rey

Design for Recovery is Playa del Rey’s top sober living home. Our facility offers structured and comprehensive sober living programs, peer support, a zero tolerance drug policy, 12-step meetings, and life skills training. Young men thrive in our trigger-free, supportive, and nonjudgmental sober living facility

Whether you have just finished a detox program or inpatient addiction treatment program, it is crucial to take your time to develop a meaningful and sustainable life in recovery. Design for Recovery provides the guidance and structure young men require during early recovery.

You don’t have to do it alone!

Design for Recovery offers guidance and structure for young men in early recovery so that they don’t need to do it alone.

Our sober living home in Playa del Rey supports residents as they:

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Strength in Sobriety

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"Sobriety was the greatest gift I ever gave myself."

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