Benefits of a Men’s-Only Sober Living Home

Benefits of a Men's-Only Sober Living Home cover

‍Recovery from substance abuse is a process, not an endpoint. The road to sobriety is littered with potential pitfalls and challenges. For men in particular — who are statistically more likely to struggle with addiction — this process can be even more difficult. Men often face unique challenges that women do not when recovering from substance abuse. These factors make it essential for men to live in a sober living home specifically tailored to their needs and preferences if they want to succeed.

Sober living homes help people stay sober over the long-term, as demonstrated by a growing body of research, but single-gender sober livings may have unique advantages. Men’s-only sober living homes are a great option for men looking to get their lives back on track. These homes often require residents to follow a certain set of rules and have staff members who check in with the residents regularly. Having a place like this can give you the support that you need to break your addiction and start living again.

If you feel like your life is spinning out of control because of your drinking or drug habits, then it could be time for you to check out these benefits of a men’s-only sober living home. It will give you the opportunity to support networks that will help keep you on track with your recovery plan.

Here are some great reasons why you should consider a men’s-only sober living home:

Companionship and Recovery Support

In any recovery situation, it’s important to surround yourself with positive influences of support. Living in a co-ed sober living facility, though, means that you may have to avoid certain relationships that could jeopardize your sobriety. In general, co-ed sober living facilities are not set up to facilitate healthy and supportive relationships between men and women in recovery. This can make it easy for people in such an environment to relapse due to the pressure and temptation to engage in risky behaviors.

Confidence-Building Activities

While some men may thrive in a co-ed environment, others may prefer a more one-on-one and personalized approach to their sobriety journey. A men-only sober living home allows you to build confidence and competence in ways that a co-ed environment may not allow for. Men-only sober living homes offer a safe and supportive space for men to practice building their self-confidence and regaining skills that may have been lost during their periods of active addiction. This means that you can take part in activities designed to build new skills, improve self-confidence, and provide you with positive, healthy ways to spend your time.

Discipline and Structure

Different people respond differently to different types of treatment approaches and recovery methods. But one thing is certain: men respond well to strict rules and discipline in a sober living home. And research shows that men in particular do better in a sober living home with a strict and structured approach to recovery. As with any other subtype of sober living, men-only sober living homes provide discipline and structure to help men stay sober and make positive changes in their lives.

Getting Vulnerable

Recovery is not easy, and it requires putting yourself out there and being vulnerable in a way that many men struggle with, regardless of the setting in which they’re trying to recover. A men-only sober living home allows you to dive deeper into your recovery process by being more vulnerable and open than you might be in other types of living environments. Men-only sober living homes have a specific focus on helping you get real about where you’ve been, where you’re at today, and where you want to go in the future.

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